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Post-Earthquake Structural Evaluation System

After a major earthquake, inspectors and engineers risk their own safety to inspect buildings. This semester I worked with four talented civil engineers to develop an automated replacement to this process. Using an easily-installed, scalable, and web-connected sensor network, we can estimate building deformations following earthquakes, reducing risk by giving inspectors a new tool.

We were able to build out a proof-of-concept device that, under shake-table tests, would accurately report the amount of displacement in the structure. Real-world tests would hopefully have the same results.

Setup Instructions

We have a document with detailed instructions on how to set up the Raspberry Pi with the accelerometer, as well as instructions on how to run the code. I originally wrote these instructions to help my teammates record data when I was not around. Hopefully they can help you to duplicate our results! Click here for the document.

Github Repo

You are welcome to read through our source code along with the data we collected at the following link: github.com/oliverodaa/peses.


Click below to view our poster in higher resolution!